Actress Adele Haenel Files Police Complaint Against Director Who Allegedly Molested Her as Child
Grazia Magazine/Philippe Quaisse

The french actress, now 30, accuses director Christophe Ruggia of sexually harassing her when she was only 12 years old working on his 2002 movie 'The Devils'.

AceShowbiz - Former child star Adele Haenel has filed a police complaint against French director Christophe Ruggia after accusing him of sexually harassing her as a minor.

Haenel went public with the bombshell allegations against Ruggia earlier this month, claiming he first began molesting her while they worked on 2002 movie "The Devils", when she was just 12 years old.

The expose, originally published on investigative news site Mediapart, prompted prosecutors in Paris to launch a preliminary investigation into the filmmaker, even though Haenel, now 30, initially declined to take the case to authorities, citing her lack of trust in the French justice system.

However, the actress has since had a change of heart, filing her official complaint with police on Tuesday, November 26.

Ruggia, 54, has denied sexually harassing Haenel, although he previously acknowledged his behaviour may have been inappropriate at times.

"I did not see that my adulation for her, and the hopes I placed in her, might - given her young age - come across at times as irksome. If this is what happened... I ask her pardon," he said in a statement.

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