Kristen Bell Spills How She Deals With Her Anxiety and Depression

During an interview with 'Today', the 'Frozen II' star admits she felt 'incredibly irresponsible' for waiting so long to go public about her battle with mental health issues.

AceShowbiz - Kristen Bell makes a checklist of her life's good and bad points to put things in perspective when she's feeling really blue.

The "Frozen II" star has done her utmost to be open about her battle with anxiety and depression in recent years and spoke to U.S. TV show "Today" about how she stays on top of her mental health issues.

While she joked that people often think of her as all "bubbles, glitter," Kristen insists she's "not always that way."

"I am someone who takes a medication for her anxiety and depression. I am someone who has to check myself and sometimes - if I'm feeling really low - make a checklist of good and bad things in my life to see if it's my mental state or if we really have a problem," she explained.

It was actually Kristen's husband Dax Shepard who first encouraged her to go public with her issues - and doing so made her take responsibility for her problems in a bid to help others in similar situations.

"Me talking about that actually came from - ugh, I hate to give him credit for everything, it's so annoying that he's so right about everything," she laughed, before adding, "He was like, 'Why don't you talk about your anxiety and depression?' and I had never thought about that before. And I immediately felt incredibly irresponsible."

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