Eddie Murphy Tried to Get Marlon Brando to Play Warden in 'Life'

Recounting the time he fought to get 'The Godfather' actor in his 1999 film project, the 'Coming 2 America' star admits that to this day, he still believes that the late star should play Dexter Wilkins.

AceShowbiz - Eddie Murphy can't watch his 1999 prison film "Life" without imagining Marlon Brando as the warden.

The funnyman became friends with the movie legend and fought to get him in the project, but producers felt he'd be too much trouble and cast Ned Beatty as Dexter Wilkins.

"I tried to get him to play the warden in 'Life' and the studio thought he was too much trouble and money," Eddie tells WENN. "To this day, whenever I see the movie I think, 'That's supposed to be Brando'".

Murphy never got the chance to work with his hero, but he had a magical dinner with Brando.

"(After) my first movie, '48 Hours', Brando calls up my agent and he just wants to have dinner with me," he recalls. "I go and have dinner with Brando...".

"Over dinner he said, 'You became a star when you did the line, 'I'm your worst f**king nightmare', and he said it in his Brando voice, and I'm like, 'Marlon, I didn't say the s**t like that'. Looking back, he was the greatest actor ever doing my lines back at me".

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