Summer Walker Accused of Faking Social Anxiety After Spotted Driving Car Pantless

The 'Something Real' singer faces criticisms from skeptical people on the internet after she was seen in a viral video going out and about with no pants on.

AceShowbiz - Summer Walker sparked debate on the internet over her new viral video. In a newly-unearthed clip, the 23-year-old female R&B singer, rocking colorful hair, was seen only wearing a black T-shirt, panties, pink slippers, and nothing else.

In the video, her friends couldn't contain their laughter when she walked out of her car on the side of the road and then turned her back to the camera only to reveal a small receipt stuck on her butt. "It's f**king hot B***h!" she explained to them.

Some people were skeptical of her social anxiety claim, saying she couldn't have social anxiety if she could calmly walk around with no pants on. "This is social anxiety, huh? In the middle of the streets in her panties. Yeah I'm not goin," one individual commented.

Another criticized her, "This picture is exactly why I think it's a hoax people who have social anxiety would most likely have their arms in front of their body and it would be harder to smile but idk man."

A third person wrote, "I'm not a fan, but as an member of the psychiatric community, her actions here do not reflect those of one with sad. Just saying. I hope she gets what ever help she needs. Be it a psychiatrist or a better manager. Either way best wishes."

"This glamorization of social anxiety to appear artistic and edgy is for the birds. I know SA, I've talked so many dealing with this issue. Fear of judgement is one of the fundamental requirements for the disorder. That is where the disconnect is for me," a different person also offered their thoughts.

Many people were quick to defend her. "Idk Summer... but I do know that WE don't know her triggers. Ppl smile & laugh even when they're depressed. So I'm sure she can also feel confident in her body & still have anxiety in certain situations," one reasoned.

"I mean there's a difference between being goofy, free and comfortable, with you close friends, and being terrified or anxious in a room full of people. But Im not a psychiatrist soooo [shrug]," another said, which got this reply, "I feel that but just wearing panties in the middle of the street with traffic flowing that takes a lot of guts."

"She may have agoraphobia so im not making fun of her," another defended the singer. "It's different types of anxiety. If you didnt know that well."

Summer Walker hasn't commented on the criticisms. She focused on promoting her music instead. She has just dropped a new song called "Something Real" with Chris Brown and London on da Track.

She prevously hit back at those doubting her struggle with mental health. "You know the scariest s**t I've been witnessing is that most of the women leaving negative comments," she wrote on her Instagram, "or just flat out making fun of me for being vulnerable."

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