Kevin McCall Livestreams His Date With 'Transgender' Woman He Met Hours Earlier

In related news, the ex-husband of Eva Marcille reportedly plans to sue a security officer with whom he was involved in an altercation at Justice Center Tower in Fulton County, GA on November 5.

AceShowbiz - Kevin McCall did something unusual during a date he had on Thursday night, November 21. The R&B singer decided to livestream his date with a woman, with whom he met just hours prior to the dinner in a restaurant.

Judging by the video, things didn't go smooth during the date as things took a disastrous turn. Seemingly feeling disrespected by the woman just because she agreed to pay for dinner, Kevin started getting cruel with the woman. "If you thought she was paying for d**k, you ain't getting it," he could be seen telling the woman at one point during the broadcast.

As if that was not enough, he continued blasting the woman for 10 minutes. "You just met me a few minutes ago, maybe hours. So don't try reaching it and try to hold my hand, don't start to feed me," he said, before accusing the woman of acting different as soon as she knew that the camera was on.

"I'll throw this whole meal on the floor. I don't need your money, I don't need the meal. What I will demand is respect. Don't play with me," he warned while still eating the meal. "You're not giving me when you asked me dumba** questions like I'm weird. I'm not a motherf***ing n***a off Tinder. I'm not a prostitute. Just because you bought me a five-star dinner, I don't give a f**k. I'll throw this s**t on the floor."

However, people appeared to assume that the woman he had a date with was a transgender. "She's transgender," one fan wrote in the comment section of a YouTube video of his Instagram Live, adding that Kevin "refers to her as brother" at one point of the video.

Another user said, "Def a transgender and he def phucked. he said, 'I'm still gon come over and suck on it/yu tonite, but only 1 time.' Meanwhile, others called Kevin "a mess", "trash" and a "gold digger" for his action in the video.

In related news, Kevin reportedly plans to sue a security officer who allegedly attacked him at the courthouse on November 5. They were previously involved in an altercation at Justice Center Tower in Fulton County, GA after the officer told him that going on Instagram Live was not allowed, though Kevin refused.

"Imma file a lawsuit," Kevin told TMZ on Thursday. "I was injured and they lied on me. They showed me talking to the people which is an amendment right. Everybody got the freedom of speech, and this is a free country the last time I checked. But I do have a full-body tattoo. People think I just got face tattoos. I got a full-body tattoo, you do as well. And you have a full-body tattoo, it's called black skin. It's a lot that come with that."

"I feel I was targeted 'cause he couldn't even tell what I was doin'. He told me no FaceTiming. Now, that's a specific command, no FaceTiming. You could be FaceTiming somebody to have them come there and meet me," he went on saying.

During the altercation, the ex-husband of Eva Marcille began using profanity at the police officers as he called a cop "a b***h." He continued saying, "All sheriffs and cops, don't talk to me unless you gon' take your badge off and go lock yourself in a room. I'll beat you n****s up... goin' to get my baby."

Following the scuffle, Kevin was booked on 5 charges. It included 4 misdemeanors for obstruction of a law enforcement officer, terroristic threats, disorderly conduct and simple assault. As he broke the sarge's eyeglasses, Kevin was also charged with one felony count for criminal damage to property in the 2nd degree.

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