Aaron Carter 'Thrilled' After Banned From Contacting Brother Nick

Instead of getting upset after slapped with restraining order, the troubled singer says he is over the moon that he doesn't have to speak to his older brother Nick Carter for a year.

AceShowbiz - Aaron Carter couldn't be happier that a judge granted his brother Nick a year-long restraining order against the star.

A judge awarded the Backstreet Boys star's request on Wednesday morning, November 20 at a hearing in Las Vegas, which Aaron didn't attend.

The "I Want Candy" star has been forbidden from having any contact with his brother or his family until November 2020. Aaron has also been ordered to stay from his twin sister, Angel, after she accused him of threatening behaviour.

However, the singer believes he "got the last laugh" after admitting he's "thrilled" to not have to speak to Nick for a year.

"Duped my bro gave him a sleepless night," he tweeted after the verdict was announced. "Thinking he would have to face his accuser Melissa... My legal team and I was thrilled I don't have to talk to them for a year."

Nick first sought legal protection in September, after Aaron allegedly threatened to kill his pregnant wife. However, the star has strenuously denied the allegations, and repeatedly countered with his own claims against Nick, who has previously publicly denied Melissa Schuman's allegation that he raped her.

Aaron later took to his Instagram Stories to insist he "will not stop speaking on behalf of (his brother's) victims," and hinted in a later tweet he hopes Nick will be tried over the allegations.

"Got him practicing what wearing a suit to court will feel like when he faces his accusers," the "I'm All About You" singer added.

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