Nipsey Hussle's Artist Hoggy Mistaken as Car Thief, Held at Gunpoint by Police

The rapper, who was also a close friend of Nipsey, had at least six firearms pointed at him when police stopped him on the street in Beverly Hills for driving a stolen car.

AceShowbiz - Rapper Hoggy Blu Strip a.k.a. BH was held at gunpoint by police in a stolen car mix up. The hip-hop artist, who was a close friend of the late Nipsey Hussle, was pulled over by cops in Beverly Hills for riding a stolen car.

According to TMZ which obtained photo and video of the arrest, BH was pulled over on Tuesday, November 19 after cops ran the plates of the vehicle he was driving and discovered it was a stolen rental car. He was ordered to get out of the car with his hands in the air.

In the video, he can be seen slowly walking backward towards the cops while at least six firearms were pointed at him. A black Mercedes-Benz, possibly the stolen car that BH was driving, was parked on the side of the street with its driver's door still opened.

BH was reportedly ordered to get on his knees before being detained. He was with another person in the car during the incident, but the passenger was not identified nor seen in the video. Law enforcement sources say that it was later determined neither the rapper nor the person riding in the vehicle with him was involved in the car theft. They were both released without being arrested.

Police confiscated the car and are still trying to figure out how the car turned up stolen.

BH is signed to Nipsey's All Money In label and was known for being tight with the "Feelin' Myself" rapper before his death. He collaborated with the Los Angeles-born star on several tracks, including 2018's "Raised Like This", which music video features the late rapper.

Following Nipsey's tragic passing, he included a tribute to the slain star in his music video for "Trap Pac". Earlier this month, he also posted a black-and-white picture of Nipsey and captioned it, "THA MARATHON CONTINUES," which means to carry on Nipsey's legacy.

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