Young Thug's Fiancee Jerrika and Future's Baby Mama Brittni Get Into Nasty Catfight

Jerrika Karlae takes a jab at Brittni Mealy on social media over their collaborative business venture, and the latter responds by calling Jerrika 'immature' for airing their dirty laundry.

AceShowbiz - The business collaboration between Young Thug's fiancee Jerrika Karlae and Future's baby mama Brittni Mealy seemed to be falling apart. The two women just called each other out on Instagram over their fashion venture Furgo.

It started with Jerrika blasting Brittni on Instagram Live, calling her a terrible business partner. She claimed Brittni sold the same exact product from their collaboration on her own individual brand. According to Jerrika, Brittni didn't respond when she contacted her.

Brittni hit back at Jerrika on her Story, describing her as "immature" for posting the issue online and suggested they should have resolved it in private. "You got my #. If you don't, your mom does. You DM me, today I wrote you back and been busy all day," she wrote.

She then addressed the claims that she sold Furgo jacket on her own company. "We didn't design this jacket for Furgo," she argued. "Any boutique owner can go get the same jacket right now La fashion district! It's almost December. You haven't hit me about Furgo once this year till today after you seen 1 wholesale jacket on Unicorn."

Brittni also said Jerrika was the reason why their business venture didn't work. "I can't do business with you cause everyone knows you have to be hunted down," she raged. "That's why Furgo is no longer. Even the factory asked me today, could I reach you please about your swimsuits. They haven't heard from you in months and swimsuits just sitting and they can't reach you."

She concluded, "Let's not do this on the internet. You can reach me on my phone. Luv."

In a follow-up post, Brittni once again argued that she didn't do anything wrong by selling the same jacket. "I can't sell a jacket from a vendor I knew for yearsssssssss before Furgo ever existed," she said. She insisted she didn't want any beef with Jerrika, "We are not beefing, never had a issue (sic). I'm confused. My energy is not on this. I'm done addressing. The devil is busy."

"One last thing," she wrote in a third post. "Furgo was suppose (sic) to be wholesale jackets 1 year, the other years our designs. So this one jacket is irrelevant. It was never to come out again anyway. It's going into December and way to (sic) late to start designing for winter jackets that would of needed to be done in August or no other month till today was I contacted about continuing Furgo (sic)."

"Now everyone leave me TF alone about this. Thanks," she added in another message.

Jerrika was not happy with Brittni's response. "The same manufacturer that made your s**t completely wrong," she exclaimed. "ME and my team ran Furgo…ask anyone in Atlanta that bought a jacket, who pulled up to meet them! The inventory was in my house so who was hard to reach?!?!"

"And if I was so bad as a business partner, why do another business with me?!!!" she added. "You went missing during a whole snow storm and my people was shipping items….and you are right, I am hard to reach! Every boss is! But at the end of the day, I put my money up the same way you did! Your (sic) wrong flat out!"

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