'90 Day Fiance' Stars Emily and Sasha Welcome Son, Fans Aren't All Thrilled

Aside of people's reactions, the new parents are super excited after welcoming their first child together with Emily sharing a slew of photos of their 'international' baby on her Instagram account.

AceShowbiz - The latest episode of "90 Day Fiance" offered details about Emily giving birth to her child with Sasha in the hospital room in Russia. Emily and Sasha welcomed a baby boy after the former underwent a C-section.

While it was definitely exciting news for the new parents, fans apparently had some mixed reactions to the whole thing. Fans apparently found it a bit unsettling that Emily chose to give birth in Sasha's home country instead of doing so in the U.S. The decision was made because Sasha would not have been able to come into the country to see the birth.

It was later revealed that Sasha admitted that he had never been present for any of his kids from previous marriages. Prior to being with Emily, he was married twice and share one child with each of his past two wives.

As Emily felt uneasy upon hearing that, Sasha attempted to comfort her. He told her that he would be in the room during the labor so he could translate what the doctors were saying to her.

Fans weren't impressed though, as one tweeted, "No surprise Sasha's never been around for his previous kids births. His bedside manner sucks, bet Emily's wishing she'd learnt how to speak Russian now or better still had the baby in the US."

Meanwhile, one other fan hoped that Sasha would be by Emily and the kid forever. "It's cool that Sasha is by Emily's side during the birth of their child but he does know he has to be there for ALL of his children's lives, not just the birth, right?" the person wrote. "Hell no with this janky Russian hospital! And Sasha is just there to translate?! Emily, you in danger girl!" someone else chimed in.

Aside of people's reactions, Emily and Sasha were super excited after welcoming their first child together with Emily sharing a slew of photos of the baby on her Instagram account. "I’m so glad the world got to meet our perfect, sweet David Alexandrovich Larin. He is the sweetest baby I could ever ask for. Thank you Dr. Vitaliy Vladimirovich for your kindness and making me feel safe while I was giving birth in Russia," so the TLC star wrote in the caption.

"Our little baby is quite an international guy. He’s Russian/Ukrainian/Armenian/Irish etc. I think he’ll grow up to be a diplomat," she added. "P.s. Sasha DOES remember where he was the day his other sons were born. He's told me many times. He was just exhausted."

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