Kristen Stewart Admits to Sneaking Into Strangers' Gardens to Steal Loquats

During an appearance on web show 'Hot Ones', the 'Charlie's Angels' actress reveals that she did her foraging adventure at night to avoid people yelling 'Get off my lawn!' at her.

AceShowbiz - Kristen Stewart sneaks into strangers' gardens at night to nab loquats from their trees.

The actress loves the citrus-like fruit, but struggles to find it in delicatessens and supermarkets, so she plans her own foraging adventures.

"There are these loquat trees everywhere... It's pretty particular to the area (in Los Angeles)," the "Twilight" star said during a recent appearance on web show "Hot Ones", "and at a certain time of year they really go off, so I do a little urban foraging... I go at night because I don't want anybody to come out and be like, 'Get off my lawn!'."

"Nobody eats them and they're really really good, and when you put them in something with a little sugar they caramelise really nicely... My specialty is loquat crumble."

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