Tiny Slammed Over Her Response to Question About T.I.'s Daughter Amid Hymen Controversy

The Xscape songstress leaves a series of rolling eyes emojis when one of her followers on Instagram asks whether or not Deyjah Harris is doing fine amid the controversy.

AceShowbiz - As T.I. still remains silent after making controversial comments about checking his daughter's virginity, his wife Tiny (Tameka Cottle) has broken her silence. The songstress responded to someone who was concerned about Deyjah Harris' well-being amid the controversy, and people were not impressed by how she reacted to that.

It all started after she shared on Instagram a photo of her hanging out with Tip along with a caption that read, "Mi amor por siempre," which translates to "My love forever." However, rather than gushing over the married couple, one person apparently was more curious about how Deyjah is doing. "Is Deyjah okay? We care," so the user wrote, to which Tiny replied with a series of rolling eyes emojis.

People were not too thrilled by her answer, as they assumed that Tiny didn't care about what was happening to Deyjah. "Don't even do that. What kind of parents are you? Honestly not the good type," one said. "U hurt your own child mentally she's just starting college BE ASHAMED." One other told the Xscape singer not to "do that your man embarrassed his daughter."

"Seriously!! As a woman...mother and wife it is your responsibility to check your husband & protect your kids! This is an invasion of YOUR daughter's privacy!! Stand up for her mom!" another commented. Meanwhile, someone opted to be sarcastic and deemed her reaction "great," before the user added, "Seems like no one stood up for that girl and her RIGHTS to her OWN body. But go ahead and roll your eyes even though you don't look like a huge joke. Congratulations parent of the year."

There was also one who said, "For you, as a woman, to respond like this... is so disappointing." One person wrote, "Just because ur OK with all your business out to the public doesn't mean your family should also have to suffer consequences when ur man don't when (sic) to shut up! &Keep personal business within ur home!"

Tip received heavy backlash after he said that he always has Deyjah's doctor check her hymen to make sure that she's still a virgin. Both Tip and Deyjah have remained mum following the controversy, though the latter was recently caught liking several tweets that thrashed her rapper dad and unfollowed him on Instagram.

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