Elizabeth Banks: Kristen Stewart Asked to Play Gay Character in 'Charlie's Angel'
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Confirming that Sabina Wilson is 'definitely gay', the director of the reboot film explains that she wanted to make sure the 'Twilight' actress was able to present a character she was fully behind.

AceShowbiz - Director Elizabeth Banks agreed to make Kristen Stewart's "Charlie's Angels" character gay - just like her.

The actress-turned-filmmaker, who also stars in the new action film, reveals she and Kristen had a chat about her character before filming began and the "Twilight" star made it clear she wanted her to be gay.

"Kristen's character is definitely gay in the movie," Banks tells Pride Source. "I mean, she wanted to be gay in the movie and I'm like, 'Yeah!'."

"I made sure we kept that little moment in so that you understand what she was attracted to. And you're welcome to talk to her about it. She loves to be open about it. I just wanted to make sure that she was able to present a character that she was fully behind."

The film, which also stars Ella Balinska and Naomi Scott as the new Angels, hits theatres on Friday, November 15.

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