Snoop Dogg Slams Racist Booking Agent in Angry Rant

The Death Row Records rapper takes to Instagram to call out a booking agent for alleged racism in an angry video before putting Comcast on blast in a follow-up post.

AceShowbiz - Snoop Dogg went on a rant in a new Instagram video. He accused a booking agent of racism, "I'm about to put some words out about some punk ass mothaf**kin' agents in the music industry that don't want to see a black man win as a booking agent. I be giving up names real soon and what company they with, you punk mothaf**kas. Don't want to see a n***a win? 'Cause I'm connected to a person of another ethnicity? 'Cause I got a Mexican, a Latino working with me."

Following his angry rant, the rapper tweeted a headline about a $20 billion discrimination claim against Comcast. "We tired of being treated like employees we bosses now and u gotta deal wit us," he wrote in the caption.

Snoop Dogg was not the only rapper angry at Comcast. In October, fellow lyricist 50 Cent slammed the CEO for "ruining" his show "Power". He told his followers on his own page, "This is the guy f**king up (Power)over at @Comcast for no reason Brian Roberts, mother f**ker look like he been pushed around his whole life. He need to chill out, go to a golf course or sit his a** down some where."

Besides sharing the same contempt against Comcast, Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent had similar thoughts when it came to T.I.'s controversial parenting. The two hip hop stars were not impressed with Tip's remarks, taking a swipe at the husband of Tameka "Tiny" Cottle after he said he took his daughter Deyjah to doctor every year to get her virginity checked.

Snoop dissed the "Rhythm + Flow" judge with a hilarious meme. Half of it was a 2011 scene from "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" where Taylor Armstrong had an epic meltdown with a caption that read, "I'mma virgin." The other half was a photoshopped head of T.I. at dinner with a note, "Lemme see."

The meme drew numerous comments from his online fans and friends including 50 Cent. "Yeah man, the f**k was T.I. talking about. LOL," 50 Cent wrote and added a string of laugh emojis. Meanwhile, a fan commented, "I feel like if snoop clowns you you just gotta accept that you were wrong." Another penned, "T.I. stands for tryna inspect."

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