Eminem Claims Relationship With Rihanna Is 'Great' After Diss Track Leaks in Full
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In the leaked full audio of the unreleased song titled 'Things Get Worse', the Slim Shady also attacks singer Natasha Bedingfield and raps about murdering then-teen actress Dakota Fanning.

AceShowbiz - Eminem came under fire from Rihanna's fans last week when a snippet of a song, in which he declares he sided with Chris Brown over the assault on the Barbadian singer, leaked. Now, the full audio of the unreleased track has surfaced online, containing the offensive lyrics.

In the song titled "Things Get Worse" which was reportedly recorded during the sessions for his 2009 album "Marshall Mathers", the Missouri-born emcee raps, "I'm not playing Rihanna where'd you get the V.D. at?" He adds, "Let me add my two cents/ Of course I side with Chris Brown/ I'd beat a b***h down, too."

Elsewhere in the song, Eminem references beating a sex worker "mercilessly" and leaving her "for dead." The 47-year-old also launches attacks on other stars, rapping about putting Natasha Bedingfield in a washing machine and murdering actress Dakota Fanning, who would have been 16 years old at the time of recording.

After the full audio leaks online, Eminem's spokesperson Dennis Dennehy has released a statement clarifying the rapper's attitude towards the "Umbrella" songstress. "This is a leak of something that's over 10 years old. After Eminem recorded it, he scrapped it, and rewrote it. Obviously he and Rihanna have a great relationship," so the spokesperson claims.

The Rihanna diss track previously offended many of the singer's fans and surprised others since the Slim Shady has collaborated with the "Rude Body" hitmaker on 2010's song "Love the Way You Lie" and another song released in 2013 titled "The Monster". Both songs became hits on various songs charts at the time.

In another leaked audio, Eminem asks what would happen if he came out as gay. The never-before-heard collaboration between the rapper and "I'm Not Racist" hitmaker Joyner Lucas features lines by Joyner which read, "What if I told you I'm out of place?/ Wait, what if I told you that I was gay?" Eminem then replies, "What if I'm a hypocrite who's just afraid to face truth?/ Wait, what if I told you I'm gay too?"

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