Watch Trina Go Off on White Woman Calling Her the N-Word at Walmart

It's reported that it all starts when the 44-year-old rapper and the unnamed lady bump into each other at the store, prompting the latter to say, 'Watch out, n****r b***h.'

AceShowbiz - What was supposed to be a peaceful trip to Walmart had gone south for Trina. Instead of enjoying her time picking up groceries at the store, she had a not-so-nice encounter with a white woman who used a racial slur against the 44-year-old rapper. Trina, naturally, would not let the racist lady treat her like that.

TMZ reported that it all started after the two ladies bumped into each other at a Walmart location in Cooper City, Florida. This prompted the unnamed woman to tell Trina, "Watch out, n****r b***h," and all hell broke loose after that. In a video obtained by the site, she could be seen saying, "Say it the motherf**k again! Say it again! Say it again! Say it the f**k again, you dirty a** b***h!"

Trina continued going off, "Say it the motherf**k again. I am a n****r. I am a n****r b***h. Say it again! Say it again. I dare you to say it. I dare you to motherf***in' say it." Meanwhile, the unknown lady simply watched Trina as she walked away.

It's reported that police were called to the scene, but no report was filed as Trina ultimately decided against doing so. However, she was then escorted out of the store and to her vehicle, citing "safety reason." On the other hand, the woman who used racial slur against the Diamond Princess artist allegedly did not speak to the responding officers at all.

Social media users have since rallied behind Trina following the incident. "There is no reason to call people slurs, period but especially when it was probably the white lady's fault," one said. "Trina spazzing in Walmart is the energy I'm on this season. I'm not playing with y'all," another wrote, as someone else noted, "What we not finna do is disrespect my F***ING QUEEN TRINA!"

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