Jamie Lee Curtis Says She Had Routine Plastic Surgery Because of Cameraman's Criticisms
Variety Magazine/Joe Pugliese

The 'Freaky Friday' actress opens up in a magazine interview that she was ashamed after getting complaint from a movie crew member and so she decided to go under the knife.

AceShowbiz - Jamie Lee Curtis decided to have surgery after a cameraman made a comment about her "puffy eyes."

The 60-year-old actress spoke to Variety about her struggle with addiction to drugs, and admitted it was fuelled after she was prescribed painkillers following the surgical procedure.

"I had a routine plastic surgery because of a cameraman," she told the magazine. "I naturally had puffy eyes. If you see photographs of me as a child, I look like I haven't slept. I've just always been that person, and we were shooting a scene in a courtroom with that kind of high, nasty fluorescent light, and it came around to my coverage in the scene, and (the cameraman) said, 'I'm not shooting her today. Her eyes are too puffy.' "

Admitting she was "so mortified and so embarrassed and had just so much shame" following the remark, Jamie added: "I went and had routine plastic surgery to remove the puffiness. They gave me Vicodin as a painkiller for something that wasn't really painful."

Jamie was also around drugs from a very young age, as her father Tony Curtis frequently used them. In fact, she and Tony actually did them together as points in her life.

"I knew my dad had an issue because I had an issue and he and I shared drugs. There was a period of time where I was the only child that was talking to him. I had six siblings. I have five," she explained. "My brother, Nicholas, died of a heroin overdose when he was 21 years old. But I shared drugs with my dad. I did cocaine and freebased once with my dad. But that was the only time I did that, and I did that with him. He did end up getting sober for a short period of time and was very active in recovery for about three years. It didn’t last that long. But he found recovery for a minute."

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