Kendrick Lamar Accused of Sending Body Double to Perform for Him at Las Vegas Festival

People are convinced that the person who takes the stage at Day N Vegas Festival in the city isn't the real Kendrick as they feel that he doesn't give his best performance.

AceShowbiz - Kendrick Lamar closed out day three of Day N Vegas Festival in Las Vegas on Sunday, November 3, but some people speculated that it wasn't him who took the stage that night. They were convinced that the rapper sent a body double to perform in his place.

The speculation arose as many people felt Kendrick didn't give his best performance during his set at the festival, leading them to believe that the person who hit the stage that night was not the real Kendrick. "Lowkey think #DayNVegas gave us a fake Kendrick Lamar last night...that was such a weird performance. Seen him 8 or 9 times now, and this just didn't feel like him at all," said one concertgoer.

Another said, "What was up with this fake Kendrick Lamar at Day n Vegas, wtf? There's no way it was actually him," with one person adding, "To anyone that thinks they saw kendrick at day n didn't...lmfao that's definitely a stunt double that don't even look like him." There was one who pointed out, "How does people (sic) not realize that #kendricklamar was not at #daynvegas lol that was not him, we got played...dude literally said his name and no one caught it."

Reps for Kendrick haven't responded to the accusation.

For his performance at Day N Vegas Festival, Kendrick, who was clad in a floppy black ensemble and a cowboy hat, kicked off his set with a fiery rendition of "DNA". He said in the middle of his gig, "My job is to make sure y'all turn to the motherf***in' max," before launching into performances of his hit songs that included "King Kunta", "Big Shot", Backseat Freestyle" and "B***h, Don't Kill My Vibe". Later on, labelmate SiR came to the stage for a special rendition of "Hair Down".

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