This Is How Antonio Banderas' Girlfriend Saved Him During Near-Fatal Heart Attack

The 'Mask of Zorro' actor reveals to Jimmy Kimmel in a new TV interview that his girlfriend Nicole Kimpel rescued him with headache medication during the health scare.

AceShowbiz - Antonio Banderas credits his girlfriend Nicole Kimpel for saving his life when he had a heart attack in 2017.

The actor suffered the near-death health emergency two and a half years ago, and speaking on Thursday's October 31 instalment of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!", he revealed the unlikely way Nicole jumped to the rescue and "saved his life" with the maximum strength aspirin she purchased for a headache.

"The night before that I had this event, my girlfriend, she had a headache and we didn't have anything in the house. So she went out to buy something, a painkiller or whatever," The "Mask of Zorro" actor shared. "She bought this aspirin, which is the only thing that she found and she found the maximum one, I think it was five milligrams."

He continued: "The next morning, when I started having the symptoms and I clearly knew what was going on, she put one of those aspirins inside of my tongue and that saved my life. So I had a second chance, and some stuff changed in my life, since then."

Antonio previously told WENN his heart attack helped him perfect his gay filmmaker character in new Pedro Almodovar movie "Pain & Glory".

"We created a character that I had never played in my life. It was very frightening at moments because I was not allowed to use my tricks..." he mused. "It has probably been the most interesting work of my life and I opened my eyes to my future in a different way. Sometimes a heart attack is one of the best things that can happen in your life."

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