Twitter Goes Nuts After Jimmy Garoppolo Shoots His Shot at Erin Andrews in Interview

The 49er quarterback calls the Fox NFL sideline reporter 'baby' when asked about his undefeated record, leaving the 'Dancing with the Stars' host flustered.

AceShowbiz - Jimmy Garoppolo boldly flirted with Erin Andrews during a post-game interview on Thursday night, October 31. Apparently having his confidence boosted after San Francisco 49ers defeated the Arizona Cardinals to improve to 8-0 on the year, the quarterback shot his shot at the Fox NFL sideline reporter.

The 27-year-old athlete threw for 317 yards and a career-high four touchdown passes in the win. Asked how it felt to be undefeated, he smoothly replied, "It feels great baby," leaving Erin flustered. The "Dancing with the Stars" host ended the short interview by wishing him a Happy Halloween.

Jimmy then walked off the field with a smile on his face, but turned around to glance and wave at Erin before he bumped into a Cardinals player. While Erin didn't seem to be offended by Jimmy's flirty remark, he may not have his chance with her as the 41-year-old sportscaster has been happily married to Canadian former professional ice hockey player Jarret Stoll since 2017.

That, however, doesn't stop Internet users from making memes about Jimmy's bold flirtatious moment. One commented on the interview video, "THATS MY BOY AND HIS SWAG." Another wrote, " 'It feels great, baby.' Hell yeah Garoppolo I wish I never slandered you." A third user added, "He lived up to his name there lmao." Someone else joked, "Jimmy G with his confidence on the field is a dangerous man, hide yo wives."

A few users, meanwhile, appeared to take issue with Jimmy's flirty remark to Erin. "Did Jimmy Garrapolo just say to a female journalist, 'feels great baby!' when she asked how it felt to be undefeated? Jesus Christ, what is wrong with people????? WAKE THE F**K UP," an offended person tweeted.

Some others posted gifs which imagined possible reaction of Erin's husband when watching the clip.

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