Twitter users are baffled that the 'Think Like a Man Too' star looks significantly lighter during her appearance at the New York premiere of new movie 'Black and Blue'.

AceShowbiz - There's something different with Meagan Good's appearance lately and fans don't like it. The actress is almost unrecognizable with her significantly lighter skin that left people speculating that she has bleached her skin.

The "Think Like a Man" star was recently pictured at the New York premiere of new movie "Black and Blue" which stars Naomie Harris. After her photos at the event circulated online, people have been buzzing on Twitter about Meagan's different look, with some going as far as accusing her of altering her face with plastic surgery.

"Uh... what's going on," a confused fan asked. Another compared Meagan's old photo with the newest one and threw a shade in the caption, "Meagan Good / Meagan Bad." Another was in disbelief as asking, "Meagan Good is that you."

Another accusing Meagan of bleaching her skin wrote, "You can tell that Meagan Good bleached gradually, as in - over the course of many years. It’s what many celebrities do to make the transition appear natural."

"that meagan good s**t got me sick ..ain't no damn excuse for it unless she got some typa skin condition i will not accept it ... icunnot," another blasted the 38-year-old actress. Someone else blamed the trend in Hollywood, tweeting, "If she's having to resort to bleaching then you know it's a problem in Hollywood. Because she is one of the most hyped up black women in the industry."

Others expressed their disappointment, with one writing, "*gasp* Who taught her to hate herself? She was so confident, beautiful, and full of life before," while another added, "Morbid, but I hope it's an illness making her skin look like this. She was beautiful as is. She saw most of her success in her original tone. I don't get it."

A few, however, defended Meagan, believing that she never looks that black since the beginning. "y'all really about to pretend that meagan good was ever very brown all night aren't y'all? like ????" one responded to the criticism against the "Deception" alum. Another wrote, "Gotta light skinned friend that look like Meagan good, gotta dark skin friend that look like Meagan good."

Meagan has not responded to the bleaching and plastic surgery accusations.

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