Russian Teen Commits Suicide on Live Broadcast After Watching 'Joker'
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An 18-year-old teenager named Gleb Korabljov shot himself in the head in a very disturbing video after making a reference to a scene in the R-rated movie.

AceShowbiz - People's concerns about the depiction of violence in "Joker" are perhaps not too much. A Russian teen has been reported to have killed himself after watching the R-rated movie about Batman's sociopath villain. The 18-year-old teenager named Gleb Korabljov live-streamed his suicide last weekend.

In the full video, Gleb reportedly referenced to a scene in the Joaquin Phoenix-starring movie. In the film, the title character contemplates killing himself on live TV. After a long rant, the high school student, who was holding a gun pointed at his head during the live broadcast, then pulled the trigger and blew his head up.

The very graphic video has been viewed more than 10,000,000 times. As of press time, there's no official statement regarding the teen's suicide.

People have since reacted to the video, with one writing, "R.I.P., kid. I feel sorry for his parents and siblings if he had any." Some others think that "Joker" is not to blame for the teen's suicide. "He clearly had mental issues prior to the movie!" one wrote.

Another shared his/her thought, "WTF....I saw this movie as well and thought it was boooooring....I kept falling asleep LOL....This mental health thing is getting scarier and scarier....I mean what in the movie made him want to kill himself...he aint JOker and his life ain't no movie....I hate that I watched this man blow his brains out on his mom's ugly couch."

"Joker" sparked controversy prior to its release, with people expressing their concerns about its depiction of the Joker that has been described as reminiscent of those who commit mass shootings in the United States. Some others argued that the movie's sympathetic portrayal of a homicidal maniac could inspire real-world violence.

Due to the concerns, movie theaters across the nation increased security during the screenings of the Todd Phillips-directed film.

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