'90 Day Fiance' Star Sumit to Get Divorce From Wife

Meanwhile, Jenny appears to be happy with the news as the TLC star reveals on '90 Day Fiance: The Other Way' that they plan to get back together when he's legally single.

AceShowbiz - "90 Day Fiance" star Sumit has updated fans about his marital status. The TLC star revealed that he was no longer with his wife when he shockingly appeared on the explosive "90 Day Fiance: The Other Way" tell-all segment which aired on Monday, October 21.

During the video chat, Sumit was asked about his love following the drama that took place in the recent season, in which he blindsided Jenny with his secret marriage. That was when he told host Shaun Robinson that he had decided to call it quits with his wife.

"Yeah, we are separated," Sumit revealed. "And she already filed a case against me."

However, it seemed like some people still found it hard to fully believe what he said after he was caught lying to Jenny over his status. "I think he could easily be lying about this entire situation because he had a wife and was able to lie about it," Jenny's co-star Corey said.

Meanwhile, Jenny appeared to be happy with the news. The TV star, who left Sumit behind in India after she found out that he was actually married, said that they plan to get back together when he's legally single. "That's our plan. We do want to be back together," she stated, adding that she was considering to relocate to India again once his divorce is finalized.

The whole thing drove Jenny's daughter frustated. "I guess it's hard because she has to live her own life," she ranted. "But that doesn't mean I'm always going to be standing by your side to bail you out of everything."

"He's definitely worth it, and you know that Christina," Jenny argued. Sumit then chimed in to make sure that everyone knew that he really loved Jenny. "She's my love, I love her a long time. And we will be together," he said.

When asked if she was concerned about Sumit telling lies often, Jenny responded, "He does lie very well, yes he does. I don't know how to explain it, Sumit. You do tell a lot of lies to a lot of people and you are very good at it." She went on concluding, "First thing, Sumit needs to get his divorce going, which he's doing right now. We love each other so much and we're still together and we plan on being together. But I'm not gonna wait forever."

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