'Basketball Wives': Host Marc Lamont Hill Responds to Backlash Over Being 'Biased' in Reunion

Fans accuse the university professor, who has been hosting 'Basketball Wives' reunion for the past 5 seasons now, of discriminating and ganging up against cast member OG.

AceShowbiz - "Basketball Wives" recently aired its second part of season 8 reunion. In addition to the drama between the cast members, one other thing that viewers caught during the Wednesday, October 16 episode was that host Marc Lamont Hill looked obviously biased throughout the episode.

Fans accused the university professor, who has been hosting "Basketball Wives" reunion for the past 5 seasons now, of discrimination against cast member Ogom "OG" Chijindu. In the reunion, OG was forced to film in a separate room because the others thought she was "too aggresive," though OG claimed that it was because of her skin color.

OG talked about it during the reunion about the alleged colorism she's faced on the show. However, instead of hearing her out, Marc appeared to shut her down. That set tongues wagging among the viewers, prompting his name to be a trending topic on Twitter at one point. Some users even called him a "sellout" and a "c**n."

Marc then took to his account to personally respond to the confrontation and defended himself. "First, we recorded the BBW for 14 hours. It is reducd to two 44 minute episodes. Just because something doesn't air doesn't mean it didn't happen," he wrote. "People asked why I didn't discuss colorism on the show. I did. We had a 20-30 minute conversation on colorism. We picked it up again when OG arrived. Again, because it didn't make the show doesn't mean it didn't happen."

A fan sarcastically said, "It's seems like @marclamonthill has Evelyn's birth certificate with him," to which he replied, "I don't. What was edited out was he producing her ancestry results. I wasn't claiming anything about her origins. I was responding to her claims about her ancestry, asking OG if it made her feel differently."

Meanwhile, when a fan accused him for ignoring how Evelyn Lozada attacked CeCe Gutierrez, he said, "I didn't skip anything. We discussed it in great detail. Anyone there can confirm this." He also claimed in another tweet that he didn't push OG to accept being separated, adding that he "challenged everyone on set. Repeatedly."

Despite the explanation, people didn't seem to buy it. "The entire reunion was clearly bias," one Twitter user wrote, saying that Shaunie O'Neal "is no longer neutral and uses her position to control the narrative. Basketball wives is known for having an 'aggressive' cast. Here comes a strong woman that can defend herself and suddenly everyone is afraid."

"@marclamonthill hasn't realized he revealed himself during the reunion. His comfort with and delight in the cast's ganging up on OG showed his needing to address his own colorist bias. At no point did he behave like he saw OG as a woman in need of protection as well," another fan criticized. Meanwhile, one other argued, "You did not challenge anybody. You were answering questions on Evil-yn's behalf and making out Jen and OG as the villains by yourself. Making OG and Jen seem problematic while catering to Shaunie's needs."

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