Cody Simpson Opens Up About Miley Cyrus Romance on New Song 'Golden Thing'

Accompanied by his guitar, The Australian singer can be heard delivering lyrics about how his relationship with the blonde beauty turns from platonic to romantic.

AceShowbiz - Cody Simpson is totally head over heels for Miley Cyrus, as proven through his new song "Golden Thing". Making its way out on Thursday, October 17, the song finds the Australian singer opening up about his romance with the blonde beauty.

On the song, Cody is only accompanied by his guitar, though it's already enough to make people swoon with his sweet voice. "Diamond throne/ All on her own/ Coffee skin/ She let me in," the hunk rhymes, singing about the transition of their relationship from platonic to romantic. He continues delivering the lyrics, "I sing softly to her/ In the last daylight/ And the chorus of birds/ In the heights of night."

Miley has reacted to the song, taking to Instagram Stories to write, "My heart."

The song has been teased by Miley since last week, when she was hospitalized. "This sweeeeet guy came to visit at the hospital and sand the sweeeeeeeetest song he wrote just for me," she wrote alongside a video of Cody serenading her at the time.

Cody actually had never planned to release the song, until Miley made him do it. "I wrote her a song this week that she's pretty much forcing me to put out," he said in an interview. "She was like, 'If you don't put this s**t out, I'm putting it out on your behalf for you. I'm getting your Spotify login and doing this s**t myself." He then added that the song was "something I wrote for her while she was sick this week."

Miley and Cody have been flaunting their romance ever since she confirmed their dating rumors earlier this month. Recently, the pair got new tattoos together. While the 22-year-old star's ink was a skull and crossbones with a sickle, the "Slide Away" singer got a painting of a heart pierced by a sword tattooed on her arm.

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