'BBW': Byron Scott Hints at Good Relationship with Son Thomas Despite Kristen's Claim

It has arrived after the 'Basketball Wives' star takes aim at co-star CeCe Gutierrez, who is soon going to be her mother-in-law, for the sour relationship between the Scotts.

AceShowbiz - "Basketball Wives" star Kristen Scott has been saying that she's still struggling with her and husband Thomas Scott's relationship with father-in-law Byron Scott. Even in the recent chat between her and the VH1 show's producers, things were still bad and it was hurting her daughter Kensi. However, Byron appears to sing a different tune.

The former athlete responded to a fan's inquiry about if there was still tension between him and Thomas. "Byron, have you and Thomas made up? Your family is so beautiful, I hope y'all can get past this," wrote the fan.

It didn't take long before Byron replied and cleared the rumors surrounding him and Thomas, who was allegedly not his biological son. "Thomas and I don't have a problem. And thank you for the compliment."

Previously, Kristen blasted co-star CeCe Gutierrez, who is also Byron's fiancee, for the sour relationship between the Scotts. Kristen discussed the family drama in a behind-the-scenes video for the show's current season.

"As far as Byron and Cece go, I'm in the same position that I've been in for the past year and a half," she shared. "The title father-in-law, daughter-in-law, is obviously not going away, so we'll always be that to each other -- or I'll speak for myself. Byron will always be my father-in-law. Clearly he has eliminated me from his life, which is fine."

Alluding that Byron changed his attitude towards her after Cece came to his life, Kristen said, "It sucks. It really, sucks. Eleven years in a relationship, a family with someone and the dynamic changes so quickly is so crazy to me. I'll never forget him talking at my rehearsal dinner saying I'm the best thing for his son. I'm still the best thing for his son. He talked about how much he loved me and cared about me and it's like, a female comes into your life and all of that switches overnight? But I'm glad he loves her that much. I'll let him have that."

"Listening to Byron say awful, nasty, disgusting things about me, is so hurtful," she admitted. "That's not the Byron I know. That's not the Byron that I've seen. It's not the love that he has displayed over 11 years. This is nasty and hurtful and I understand that I hurt him by what he thought that I said, but I think we've all seen that played back a million and one times and I never called him a bad grandfather."

She contineud, "You can interpret anything any way that you want or if someone comes home and tells you their version, it can become stuck in your head. I still after hearing him say those disgusting, nasty things about me, you don't care if you ever speak to me again, at the end of the day, I'm always going to be the mother to your grandchild and the wife to your son."

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