Yungblud Says He Didn't Fit in as Kid Due to His Gender-Bending Style

The 'Die a Little' singer reveals his difficult childhood where he struggled to fit in due to his quirky style, saying: 'People just didn't understand where my head was at.'

AceShowbiz - YUNGBLUD had a hard time growing up due to his gender-bending style.

The rocker has previously spoken openly about his "fluid" sexuality and, in a new interview with BBC News, the star discussed his difficult journey to self acceptance.

Reflecting on his formative years, the musician, real name Dominic Richard Harrison, confessed he felt like "people just didn't understand where my head was at" because of his ever-changing personal style.

"For example, I'd want to wear a skirt to school, or paint my nails or dye my hair. My mum would love it, but youth leaders or teachers would make me feel like I was doing something wrong," he remembered. "It made me feel really small and misunderstood and like I didn't belong in the place where I was from."

Adding he used to be "toxically masculine" to cover up his inner turmoil, the 11 Minutes singer is a passionate advocate for mental health, and urged fans that loving themselves "unapologetically" is the most important thing.

"I have those days where I wake up and I've got a knot in my stomach and I look in the mirror and I hate what I see," he continued. "But you have to remember, your biggest superpower is to be completely, unconditionally, unapologetically yourself."

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