During a chat on Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre podcast, the 'Good Omens' star dishes on his first-hand experience of spotting a UFO in Port Talbot, Wales.

AceShowbiz - Michael Sheen was left in shock after he spotted a UFO (unidentified flying object) in his hometown of Port Talbot, Wales.

The 50-year-old believes the area is a "stop off" and a "hub" for aliens as so many residents claim to have had extraterrestrial sightings.

"I think Port Talbot, where I come from, is on some weird alien map. It's like some sort of stop off, it's like a lay-by. It's like the Little Chef of the galaxy," he said on Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre podcast, referencing a famous British restaurant chain.

He then detailed his own first-hand experience.

"One day I was coming home from school. I got off the school bus and I was walking up my street. I was just about to turn up the path to my house and coming round the mountain was a formation of lights," he shared. "I stood there looking at it thinking, 'This is going to be some sort of weird reflection'. There was a formation of some things coming round and going out across the sea then disappearing."

Sheen also explained his father subsequently had a similar encounter.

"And then years later on New Year's Eve - not that long ago, about five years ago - my dad, who had not had a drink that night, went up to bed," he reveals. "He said he saw a light in the sky. My dad is a character but is not someone who would make this up.

I think Port Talbot is some kind of hub."

The "Good Omens" star was further convinced after a trustworthy neighbour shared her own harrowing account.

"The lady who lived next door - who was a very respectable lady and someone who wouldn't make up stories - told us that one morning she was in the kitchen which overlooked the back garden," he added. "She said she was standing there making a coffee and a flying saucer came down and hovered over her back garden and then went."

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