Evelyn Lozada on Using N-Word: We Use It as Word of Endearment

Appearing on 'Hollywood Unlocked' podcast, Evelyn also takes the opportunity to explain the racism and colorism accusation thrown by OG who claims that Evelyn refers to her as a monkey on Instagram.

AceShowbiz - "Basketball Wives" star Evelyn Lozada has been the center of racism allegations against co-star Ogom "OG" Chijindu, who also claimed that she was acting black when she's not. Now, Evelyn stopped by "Hollywood Unlocked" podcast on Thursday, October 10 to discuss her beef with OG, colorism and being Afro-Latina.

Evelyn took the opportunity to explain the racism and colorism accusation thrown by OG who claimed that Evelyn referred to her as a monkey on Instagram. Explaining about the September 11 post, she said, "I searched in my phone laughing GIF, and the little monkey was one of the first ones that came up and it wasn't the first time I've used it. So I go and post this quote with the little laughing GIF and that's it. I didn't add anybody, I didn't hashtag, I didn't throw a subliminal. [OG] must've seen it and then made it about herself."

"I didn't connect this little f***ing GIF in my phone to black African Americans," she explained. "Like, that's not a thought in my mind ever. Like, I don't think that way. So when I heard she was making this a thing, I'm like, why? Why is she doing this? .. You know what, I'm not gonna respond because like he said, if I respond, it's adding fuels."

Evelyn also added that the reason why she never talked about being Afro-Latina before this was because she never had the conversation before. Explaining that she found out details about her race after taking a DNA test two years ago, Evelyn said, "The only reason why it's being discussed now it's because I'm forced to kind of talk about it which is crazy."

As for her using the n-word, Evelyn said, "We use it as a word of endearment. Like, 'that's my n***a!" right? That's how we speak." Later in the episode, she talked about how OG "offended" the whole cast by trying to say that she was singled out because of her skin color. "We're offended because you are just coming on to the show and we feel like we've fought tooth and nail to continue to open up about our lives. ... We've been on for a long time, so for you to try to come on the show and try to bring this s**t down... it's wrong."

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