The former 'Clueless' star lists her race as 'white' despite her Bajan and African American descent when she's arrested for alleged domestic violence on her husband Jeffrey Marty.

AceShowbiz - Stacey Dash has sparked another talk about ethnicity following her arrest for alleged domestic violence. The actress' booking sheet has surfaced online, revealing that she claims her race is "white" despite her Bajan, African American and Afro-Mexican descent.

People, of course, would not let it slide and have used it to attack the former "Clueless" star. "Girl bout to find out how black she is and how many fox n friends she really has," one commented on the revelation.

Another reacted to Stacey's claim of her race, "She's only identified as black when it benefited her so I'm not surprised." A third user dissed the 52-year-old celebrity, "The only the white abt her is the powder up her nose."

"Honey her middle name is Lauretta we know she black with a 'B'," someone else insisted. Another slammed the former talk show host, "Not white..this girl is a f**king clown." Another user suggested that "she's mentally ill." Meanwhile, someone else said Stacy should be punished for lying, "Now they should charge he for false information."

Another person tried to defend Stacey, arguing that "the race is put on by the arresting officer." However, another user begged to differ, claiming that the officer wrote down what Stacey said when she was asked about her race.

Stacey has not commented on the allegations that she lied about her race by listing herself as "white."

TMZ previously reported that the "Single Ladies" alum revealed her sad financial situation in legal documents filed in the case. She said she doesn't have enough money to hire a private lawyer, so she's asking to be represented by a public defender in the case.

Stacey was arrested on Sunday, September 29 after an altercation with her lawyer husband Marty at their New Port Richey home. She has pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor domestic violence charge.

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