'Flipping Out' Alum Jeff Lewis Feels 'Terrible' After Daughter Is Expelled From Preschool Due to Him

In the latest episode of his radio show, the Bravo star reveals that he has actually tried to persuade the headmaster to give him and his daughter a second chance, only to be rejected.

AceShowbiz - Jeff Lewis is forced to look for a new preschool that his daughter, Monroe Christie, can attend after she was expelled from her Montessori preschool because of him. The former "Flipping Out" star said in the Tuesday, September 17 episode of his SiriusXM radio show him making some mocking comments on the show was what caused his 2-year-old daughter to be expelled.

He said during the episode, "Apparently I've mentioned a few things about the school on air. I take full responsibility. … I am really, really sorry. I feel terrible about what happened. I know how it has affected Monroe. I will never do this again. If I'm going to s**t talk, I'm going to do it off the air, obviously."

Another reason why Monroe was expelled from the preschool is because Jeff allegedly "bullied" two of the students' mothers on his show. However, he denied this firmly. "I said, 'Are you kidding me? Bullied?' " he declared. "I read two emails! I didn't say somebody was fat, all I did was read two emails!"

Later, Jeff revealed that he actually tried to persuade the headmaster to give him and his daughter a second chance, only to be blatantly rejected. This left him feeling frustrated and prompted him to roast the headmaster on the spot. "I said, 'You know what is bulls**t? The fact that you said at 'Back to School Night' how much you care our kids. What a crock. You care so much about my kids you're going to kick her out without any sort of ability to have a second chance?' " the outspoken star recalled.

"Everyone takes themselves so seriously at that school. I think these people are arrogant, they're pretentious... I don't want Monroe to be in a strict school with overachievers and massive homework. She has her whole life to be stressed out," Jeff continued. "It's preschool, let her be a kid and have fun."

In the end, Jeff decided to "trust my gut" as he continues to find a new preschool for her daughter to attend.

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