Aaron Carter Claims Police Attempted to Put Him on Psychiatric Hold

When offering an update on his condition, the 'I Want Candy' singer spills that authorities were ready to put him in a straight jacket, before addressing concerns over his firearms possession.

AceShowbiz - Aaron Carter has admitted he "fears for his safety" after claiming authorities visited his house and tried to put him on psychiatric hold.

The pop star was recently diagnosed with several mental health illnesses, including schizophrenia, bipolar and anxiety, and scrapped his planned tour so he can "recharge" after a tough few months.

And appearing on TMZ Live on Monday, September 16 morning, the 31-year-old suggested cops showed up at his house the evening prior and tried to put him on a "5150 hold" - which allows a person with a mental illness to be involuntarily detained and hospitalised for up to 72 hours.

"Last night, I got an attempt for an actual 5150, which is they're coming to my house and there was four deputies who came, and a mental evaluator with a clipboard, who was ready to take me away and put me in a straight (sic) jacket last night," he shared.

When TMZ reporters asked what prompted the visit, the "I Want Candy" hitmaker responded it could be "multiple people that are really close to me", and confessed he's been "documenting everything because I'm in fear for my safety."

He also said he didn't know why the cops didn't take him into custody, and revealed they told him they decided to visit because "this keeps happening to you and we're worried about you."

Carter said he warned officers that he had "multiple firearms with one in the chamber loaded around the house", and claimed they told him: "That's your right."

When asked by TMZ if he had considered giving up his firearms while he deals with his medical issues in case something :goes off-centre", the singer insisted: "Things aren't gonna go off-centre, and there's no bad things that are gonna happen."

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