Beyonce's Mom Tina Defends Jaden Smith Against Trolls Mocking His Half-Shaved Head

Tina Knowles-Lawson lists all the good things that the actor has ever did to defend him after people make fun of his new hairstyle in a new photo with Willow Smith.

AceShowbiz - Jaden Smith has a lot of people backing him whenever people start criticizing over every single thing he does. Such cases recently happened when Jada Pinkett Smith posted a picture of the actor and his sister Willow Smith backstage, but rather than focusing on the lovable bonds between the siblings, people paid more attention to his hair. Fortunately, he has Tina Knowles-Lawson to defend him.

In the said photo, Jaden wrapped his arm around Willow as they walked down an alley inside a building. "The Karate Kid" actor put his abs on full display as he went shirtless underneath a black patterned jacket and matching pants. He accessorized his look with several colorful necklaces and showed off his half-shaved head. His remaining hair, on the other hand, was dyed pink.

People were baffled after seeing the photo, prompting them to troll Jaden almost immediately. One thought his hairstyle looked too "scary," while another joked that the son of Will Smith "looks like a 3yr old who found the scissors. Somehow he makes it work." Some others pointed out that his look made him look like a drug addict, as an individual jokingly said, "Dude just jumped out the barbers chair like 'ight that's good enough.' "

Thankfully, there were already people who defended him against the trolls and stressed that they should not judge people on the outside. Tina was among the people as she heaped praises on Jaden and listed all the good things that he did for a better life. "This young man is saving lives! Bringing clean water to people , being an activist At such an early age! When most young man his age could care less about social activism!Let alone helping people!" the mom of Beyonce Knowles said.

She continued, "He is talented and shows his creativity at every turn! Because you might not personally understand his style doesn't mean that you need to criticize you need to be praising him for all that he is!!!! Kudos to these kids who don't conform to what you think they should be!"

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