Fans Defend 'Power' Star Rotimi Against Trolls Roasting His Big Nose in Bathroom Photos

Seeing photos of him taking a bath while enjoying the night scenery outside, one makes fun of his nose by calling him 'the human version of Squidward when he got hit by da door.'

AceShowbiz - What was supposed to be a thirst trap post turned into a huge platform for trolls to roast one of Rotimi's facial features. The "Power" star recently shared on his Instagram account a couple of photos of himself to lure girls to him, but instead of having a lot of women lusting over him, many people roasted him over his nose that they deemed too big.

Both pictures featured a shirtless Rotimi taking a bath while enjoying the night scenery outside the window. He was seen in one of the images holding a glass of wine, while the other photo showed him giving a seductive look to the camera. "Stop talking and bring that a** over here," the 30-year-old actor wrote in the caption.

People soon jumped to comment section to troll the size of his nose. "N***a nose so big it can start a new face," one joked, while one other dubbed his nose a "pregnant girl nose." Another said, "I'm pretty sure he can breathe underwater with that shark nose," with an individual calling Rotimi "the human version of Squidward when he got hit by da door."

Referencing to the caption of his post, someone didn't think she could fit and added, "The nose taking up too much room." One person quipped, "If he sneezes he's going to blow the whole country away," as another wrote, "His nose is the size of my face."

Rotimi has yet to respond to the trolling, though a lot of his fans have come to his defense. One fan said, "This dude is an educated and successful man who attended Northwestern and y'all making fun of his nose?!? Half of y'all probably single and the other half of y'all probably have men that most people wouldn't be able to look at." Thinking that the trolls were too "mean," another noted, "Majority of the people talking negative probably have low self esteem themselves but are belittling this black man."

Someone else basically told Rotimi to "find a white woman that appreciates" his nose to piss off those who made fun of his nose. Another wrote, "Y'all gonna push this man to get a nose job and still criticize him for doing that."

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