Priyanka Chopra Hilariously Trolls Nick Jonas Over Viral Photos of Him Fifth-Wheeling His Brothers

The one-third of Jonas Brothers is seen in the photos smiling awkwardly when both Kevin and Joe Jonas receive kisses from their respective wives, Danielle Jonas and Sophie Turner.

AceShowbiz - The 2019 MTV Video Music Video Awards was filled with memorable moments, including one that involved Jonas Brothers. Photos of the three-piece band when they won Best Pop Video Award went viral on the Internet, but it was not because of their win. Rather, it was due to Nick Jonas' awkward reaction as he was the only one who didn't bring a date to the annual event.

In the photos, Nick could only smile awkwardly when both Kevin and Joe Jonas received kisses from their respective wives, Danielle Jonas and Sophie Turner. Fans quickly picked up on his meme-worthy reaction and said that they could relate to him so much. "NICK JONAS MISSING HIS WIFE IS A WHOLE A** MOOD Y'ALL LMAOOOOO," one exclaimed.

Someone said that Nick's reaction is "a perfect representation of my love life right now," while another jokingly wrote, "This is what Nick Jonas gets for not marrying me but." One other noted, "Nick Jonas is me during every single social setting...ever." One person echoed, "Never thought I would say this but I think im Nick Jonas."

His wife Priyanka Chopra joined in the fun. The Indian beauty photoshopped herself into the viral photo and shared the result with her Instagram followers. "I'm always with you @nickjonas," she wrote in the caption, congratulating the band for their win.

Jonas Brothers won Best Pop Video Award for "Sucker" music video during the live ceremony that took place on Monday night, August 26 at Prudential Center in New Jersey. "Thank you so much," Joe said during their acceptance speech. "This award is dedicated to all the fans that believed in us. When we didn't believe in ourselves as a band and brothers, you guys stuck with us through the thick and thin. To get this award from the Sopranos is a Jersey dream."

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