50 Cent Gets Laughed at After Defending Girlfriend Against Cheating Speculation
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The '21 Questions' rapper claims a skinny guy with Jamira Haines a.k.a. Cuban Link in her new Instagram picture is him, but many people are not convinced.

AceShowbiz - Jamira Haines a.k.a. Cuban Link, who recently gained attention after making her red carpet debut as a couple with 50 Cent, has been caught in a cheating speculation. The fitness model has raised people's eyebrows after posting a picture of her with someone who doesn't look like the rapper.

In the image shared on Instagram on Monday, August 26, Cuban posed with the man linking arms while she took the selfie with her phone camera. She cryptically captioned it, "landed [a heart emoji]." The guy's face is not seen as he turned his back to the camera, but many believe that it's not 50 Cent due to his lean physique.

"I got 21 questions cause that def ain't 50," a bewildered fan reacted to the photo. Another asked, "Uh un who this n***a." Someone jokingly speculated that it's 50 Cent's adult son, "That's his oldest son ... he stole her from him." A fourth user claimed that Cuban and 50 Cent might not be dating after all, writing, "She never actually said she was dating 50 She could actually be his lawyer."

The 44-year-old rapper/actor, whose real name is Curtis James Jackson III, attempted to put a stop on the wild speculations by claiming that it's actually him in the photo with Cuban. "Yes the f**k it is me," he wrote in the comment section of his girlfriend's post.

But many were not convinced by his statement and even laughed him off for claiming to be that slim guy in question. "this not making cents LMFAOOOOOOOO," one wrote with a pun on 50 Cent's name. Another quipped, "That looks nothing like 50. Maybe 40."

"Her coochie must be crack cause 50 ain't ever been this skinny....since that movie that went straight to dvd," one other user pointed out, while someone else also compared Fif's and the other guy's looks, "we know that ain't him . he would've been dressed like our uncles at the cookout."

Some others speculated about who that guy could be, writing thinks like "Thas Bryson tiller" and "Lol..That's probably her brother or something y'all..Chill out."

50 Cent has not responded again after Cuban's followers doubted his claim, while the aspiring lawyer remains mum on who the guy in the picture is.

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