People Shame Serena Williams Over Her 'Cheap' Wig and Makeup

Internet trolls leave mean comments after the former world No. 1 female tennis player is seen sporting a blonde wig and pink lipstick that don't look good on her.

AceShowbiz - Serena Williams has become an object of criticism by Internet trolls over her recent appearance. The tennis ace attended the Citi Taste of Tennis at the ultra exclusive Cipriani 42nd Street restaurant in New York on Thursday, August 22 and people were not impressed by her hairdo and makeup.

The 37-year-old athlete, who is also a fashion designer and is known for her outstanding court style, chose to dress down for the event. She wore an oversized black polo shirt, a pair of skin-tight leggings and colorful sneakers.

But it was her wig and makeup that caught people's attention the most. The mother of one sported a blonde wig that looked "cheap" and pink lipstick that many thought didn't look good on her.

After photos of Serena at the event surfaced online, people have blasted her over her look that night. One is baffled that the former world No. 1 female tennis player couldn't have something better on with all the money that she has. "Come on sis, you have too much money. I know you have stylists. That pink lipstick ain't helping either," the said Internet user commented.

Another who hated Serena's wig wrote, "I know girls who be broke af but their hair be on point!" Someone else pointed out, "it aint just the pink lipstick. Its them dam blonde wigs on black women. Cant stand it."

A fourth user criticized Serena's overall appearance, "Look like she sleeps with a steroid mask on at night.." Another person left a mean comment, "Sir Rena, how long did it take you to scrap the floors in your home with those elbows, before you used a mop? Yeah Right , it's on your head!! Geez!!!!"

A fan additionally admitted that he/she was disappointed by her look at the event. "I Love Serena, but this was pure clownery," the said user went brutally honest. "She looks a HOT damn mess. WTF let her come out looking like this? She looks like a straight CLOWN! Sorry not sorry..."

While Serena seemingly couldn't care less about her look that night, her older sister Venus Williams dressed up for the society event. The 39-year-old wore a slinky black mini dress, but unfortunately she suffered a wardrobe malfunction. She accidentally exposed her black knickers underneath the asymmetrical frock that went way up high in the center.

She looked unfazed though despite the wardrobe malfunction as she continued to devour the food prepared by chefs and waved at the crowd. She also showed a playful face while curiously examining one of the ingredients.

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