Taylor Swift's Father Hands Out Pizza to Fans Camping Out for Her 'GMA' Performance

Before hitting the 'Good Morning America' stage to launch new album 'Lover', the 'Me!' hitmaker admits that it blows her family's mind that people would stay overnight waiting.

AceShowbiz - Taylor Swift was stoked to learn her dad had joined aides who served up pizza to fans who camped out overnight to watch her performance on U.S. TV show "Good Morning America" on Thursday, August 22.

The "ME!" singer made the free show, staged to launch her new album "Lover", a family affair by taking mum and dad to New York's Central Park - and when her father, Scott, saw the crowds queuing up to see his daughter, he felt he had to go and say hello.

"My dad was handing out pizza," Taylor said before hitting the stage. "As a family, it blows our mind that people would wanna do that (camp out). My parents are like, 'That's my kid. People are waiting on the sidewalk to see her sing'.

"It's really astonishing to us."

Scott also handed out special guitar picks, marking the release of Taylor's new album on Friday.

Meanwhile, Taylor treated fans to a three-song set in Central Park, performing "ME!", "You Need to Calm Down", and "Shake It Off".

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