Gerard Butler Blames Bureaucracy for Delay in Rebuilding of Destroyed Malibu Home

Speaking about the hard times he experienced due to the Woolsey Fire, the 'Angel Has Fallen' star praises his beautiful community for its strength amid devastation.

AceShowbiz - Actor Gerard Butler is having a hard time rebuilding his dream Malibu, California home, which was destroyed by wildfire last year (18).

The "300" star lost his house in the Woolsey Fire, which prompted mass evacuations and levelled over 1,500 structures in November (18), and like many of his neighbours, the Scot is still picking up the pieces from the natural disaster.

"It's a very sad and emotional experience when you walk down to your house and you see it still burning, you know, or part of it is," he tells Extra. "I lost part of it and... all the land that's gone as well."

And Gerard reveals the rebuilding effort is also logistically hard to pull off due to bureaucracy and environmental damage.

"You go, 'OK, I'll rebuild', but then it takes so long just to get the clearances, because of the toxicity, and before they can even clear out the rubble you need permits for that and then the foundations are gone, so you've got to dig out the foundations and then they've got to take the topsoil off," he shares. "So it's a long time before you even get close to planning and starting to rebuild, so we still haven't started to rebuild."

Gerard is leaning on his community to get through the hard times.

"It's tough, and it's tough for a lot of people out in that community, but it's a beautiful community in Malibu, you know, with a lot of strength and I think that's shown through," he says.

Gerard was one of many celebrities affected by the Woolsey Fire - Neil Young, Robin Thicke, and Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth also lost their Malibu properties in the blaze.

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