Heather Locklear 'Grateful' for Sobriety Post-Sentencing for Battery Case
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The former 'Melrose Place' star has been given time until September 6 to start a 30-day residential treatment program as a result of her eight misdemeanour offenses and resisting police officers.

AceShowbiz - Heather Locklear celebrated her sobriety on Tuesday, August 20 after she was ordered by a judge to enroll in a residential treatment programme.

The former "Melrose Place" star was sentenced to volunteer for live-in rehab after pleading no contest to eight misdemeanour offences of battery and resisting police officers last week (ends August 16), but she appears to be in good spirits as she continues to win her battle with booze and drugs.

Sharing an Instagram image of a plaque that reads, "You're still sober. Keep that s**t up," the star wrote the caption, "So grateful."

Locklear was ordered to attend a 30-day treatment programme and enroll by September 6. If she doesn't, she faces a 120-day jail sentence. The judge overseeing the case has also placed her on three years unsupervised probation, according to TMZ.

Heather was arrested in February and again in June of 2018 following disturbances, attacking cops both times.

During the second incident she also lashed out at an emergency medical technician (EMT).

Sources close to the actress, who has been fighting substance abuse and mental illness issues for years, claim she has already checked into a treatment centre.

TV host Jillian Barberie tells Entertainment Tonight, "On Monday, she went to the facility. And, for her, she's like, 'Checking into the Four Seasons', as a joke, and she sent us a picture of the facility."

"She knows what she's got to do, and she's doing it. She's healthy and happy, sober, and is just in a really good place right now. It's time for her to concentrate on her. I think that's exactly what she's doing."

"She's always been an amazing person. She's thankful for having another opportunity. I think that's the number one thing. Every day you wake up and you just want maybe another chance."

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