'90 Day Fiance' Alum Paola Mayfield Is Upset as Nobody Slams Hubby for Drinking While Caring for Son

Calling parent-shamers hypocrites, the Colombia native points out how people will only start 'talking s**t' about that issue when a mother is the one who does it.

AceShowbiz - Paola Mayfield doesn't think it's fair that she gets all the hate when she and her husband Russ are doing pretty much the same thing. The "90 Day Fiance" alum has recently hit back at parent-shamers for criticizing her for posting a photo of her enjoying alcohol, but remaining quite when Russ shared an image of himself having a beer while caring their son Axel.

In the picture, Russ was seen holding a glass of beer as their little bundle of joy was resting on his chest in a baby carrier. "Saturday's are for the boys and a [beer emoji] for the beard. Cheers to the weekend!" he wrote in the caption. Instead of getting backlash for having a booze session while taking care of Axel, Russ was met with warm responses from his followers. This, apparently, made Paola upset because when she did the same thing, people attacked her.

Letting her feelings known in the comment section, Paola began by calling the critics "hypocritical." She added, "Russ drinking beer while taking care of Axel and nobody says anything but if a MOTHER does it all these internet mom shaming b****es start talking s**t about it! Please bring Axel back home safe!"

Paola and Russ welcomed Axel on New Year's Day. Since giving birth to the little bundle of joy, the Colombia native has been mom-shamed a lot by people. However, during an interview with PEOPLE at the Summer of Love with "90 Day Fiance" event in New York City, she revealed she already had her way to handle them.

She said that she usually tried to "ignore the bad comments" and "not to let them affect" her, but sometimes "it makes me double think my decisions and it makes me wonder if I did something right or wrong. But the decisions I am making for my son are in my heart."

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