Fans Go Wild After Harry Styles and Millie Bobby Brown Hang Out at Ariana Grande's Concert
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Some people even start shipping the One Direction member and the 'Stranger Things' actress because of this, but they immediately receive backlash from other fans.

AceShowbiz - This is surely a combination that no one would have expected. Fans were sent into frenzy over the weekend after Harry Styles was spotted hanging out with Millie Bobby Brown at Ariana Grande's show at the O2 Arena in London on Saturday night, August 17.

In a video posted by a Twitter user who goes by the name Rosie, Harry and Millie were seen having fun dancing while the Nickelodeon alum sang her hit song "Dangerous Woman". The One Direction member was also spotted at one point showcasing his dance moves to Ariana's "Break Free". When the two weren't busy dancing, they were captured on camera chatting and laughing together. It's clear that the stars were having the time of their lives at the show.

Both opted for casual look at the concert, with Harry going all-white in a T-shirt and pants. Meanwhile, the "Stranger Things" star wore a white sweater covered partially by a black sparkling jacket and black track pants with white stripes.

Fans immediately went wild over their interaction, with one saying, "So you're telling me that harry styles and millie bobby brown were casually chatting at the ariana grande concert... a concert I was supposed to attend... MY TWO WORLDS COLLIDED a b***h is crying and that b***h is me." Someone else appeared to feel envy, "millie bobby brown out here laughing and joking with harry styles at an ariana grande and she is my age... where did I go wrong."

However, some others took this opportunity to start shipping Harry and Millie, and they were immediately met with fiery response by other fans. "not y'all shipping harry with millie," one person wrote, as another individual echoed, "Im disgusted by people writing notes wondering if harry and millie are dating just bc they were at the same concert ffs he's 25 and she's 15 stop being idiots."

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