Harry Styles Earns Praise for Using Fashion as His 'Superpower'

The former One Direction singer has been applauded for daring to wear 'something radical' and do 'playful experimentation' especially when it comes to fashion.

AceShowbiz - Harry Styles sees fashion as his "superpower," according to a top industry boss. Bosse Myhr is Selfridges' director of menswear and explained that the pop megastar - who shot to fame as part of One Direction in 2010 and now has a globally renowned career in his own right - is never afraid to make his own "radical" style choices.

"Harry embodies a very British sense of style that has evolved through a process of self-expression and creativity as we've grown up with him. His playful experimentation with clothes is his fashion superpower. It goes without saying he isn't afraid to try something radical," he told OK! Magazine.

Despite being known for his eye-catching fashion choices, the "As It Was" hitmaker previously insisted he doesn't think of himself as a style pioneer. He said, "It's funny because I don't think of myself that way [as a style icon] ... but bringing people together is the thing I'm most proud of."

"[At the shows] I get kind of a front-row seat to see a bunch of people getting in a room together and just being themselves. Not coming to the front of the stage, because they're hanging out at the back, dancing like nobody's watching. Having the most basic version of a good time. Humans interacting and accepting each other. A room full of people just loving each other is so powerful."

However, Harry has also previously admitted that he does not believe in the notion of being "overdressed" and noted that late pop legends Freddie Mercury and David Bowie were amongst his fashion idols. He told Vogue, "You can never be overdressed. I think if you get something that you feel amazing in, it's like a superhero outfit."

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