David Schwimmer Look-Alike Sentenced to Jail for Theft and Fraud
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After officials posted Abdulah Husseini's image carrying a box of beer in a local store to trace him, the 'Friends' actor posts his own parody surveillance camera footage to prove he is not the criminal.

AceShowbiz - A 'lookalike' of "Friends" actor David Schwimmer who went viral has been jailed for nine months for theft and fraud offences.

Abdulah Husseini, 36, used a stolen bank card to make or attempt to make fraudulent purchases at four shops in Blackpool, England, last September (2018), reported Daily Mail Online.

Shortly after, he began trying to use the card from the wallet and made two successful purchases at nearby stores before surveillance video showed him carrying cans of beers to the till, at an Iceland store, Burnley Crown Court heard.

Blackpool Police officials later posted an image of the dark-haired suspect carrying a box of beer in a local store on its Facebook page in an appeal to trace the offender and social media users were quick to note the striking resemblance between the mystery man and David, with many sharing puns filled with references to his hit show Friends and his character Ross Geller.

The post subsequently went viral with more than 11 million shares and 30,000 comments as members of the public pointed out the suspect's likeness to Schwimmer's character Ross Geller in the popular US sitcom, and caught the attention of the actor, who posted his own parody surveillance camera footage to prove he was in New York at the time of the crime.

On Thursday, August 15, Husseini was convicted of one count of theft and four counts of fraud by false representation.

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