'BiP': Pinata Leads to Physical Fight Between Jordan Kimball and Christian Estrada

Christian additionally has appeared to rub fans the wrong way, as one viewer writes on Twitter, 'This is literally the most pathetic display. Christian has turned me all the way off.'

AceShowbiz - The Tuesday, August 13 episode of "Bachelor in Paradise" season 6 featured its first fistfight. The physical altercation happened after new contestant Christian Estrada, a banker who previously competed in Becca Kufrin's "The Bachelorette", caused a ruckus as he attacked fellow cast member Jordan Kimball.

Upon his arrival, things quickly turned sour between Christian and Jordan because they used to have history in their season's "Men Tell All Special". At the time, Christian called Jordan out for his attitude during the season.

Before going physical with Jordan, however, Christian was caught in a drama with Clay Harbour and Nicole Lopez-Alvar. He went on a date with Nicole, prompting Nicole's love interest Clay to confront him afterwards.

"I didn't come here to make friends," Christian said. "I don't feel threatened by any other guy. I go all out. This is a one-time thing. Let's see how bad you want it! I've got way more in me, so good luck." Fortunately, things were under control before they escalated.

In order to win Nicole's heart, Christian set up a pinata for her. Jordan took the opportunity to rile Clay up as he encouraged him to punch the pinata. "The bad guys can't win in this. The Blakes and the Christians can't win in this!" he told Clay.

Jordan also tried to throw Christian's pinata into the ocean before being stopped by Christian. The latter grabbed his arm and Jordan fought back, further heating up the moment to a physical confrontation.

However, it seemed like fans were rooting for Jordan on this one. "JORDAN PLEASE WRECK THE PINATA," one Twitter user wrote. "a fight.. over a pinata... i love this show," added one other.

Christian additionally had appeared to rub fans the wrong way. "This is literally the most pathetic display. Christian has turned me all the way off," one fan said. "Christian's on my nerves and it's been 3 minutes," another viewer added.

Find out what happens next between Christian and Jordan in the next episode of "Bachelor in Paradise" season 4, which airs on Mondays and Tuesdays on 8 P.M. on ABC.

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