Gigi Hadid Slammed for Advising Fans to Avoid Greece for Vacation After Getting Robbed

One fan tells the daughter of Yolanda Hadid to do her research before visiting Mykonos, while another points out that she is beyond irresponsible for using her platform to 'talk s**t.'

AceShowbiz - Gigi Hadid has vowed never to return to Greece after a robbery wrecked her recent Mykonos vacation.

According to a post on her Gisposable Instagram profile, the model became the victim of thieves during the family holiday.

Captioning a bikini selfie, posted on Friday (August 09), Gigi wrote: "Got robbed. Never going back lol. Wouldn't recommend. Spend your money elsewhere (sic)."

Gigi didn't add any more details about the incident, but some followers kicked back at her comments, with one stating: "You mean we shouldn't let YOU fool US, cause when you were there you were posting lots of glamorous happy stuff and saying 'gikonos'."

"If you truly believed they scammed you, you should have spoken out about it in your main account. But you just wanted it to look like you were having a good time. Do your research first before visiting the country's most expensive island. You thought you would get a better price because of your status and now you're disappointed?"

Another former fan added: "Y'all are f**king praising her for publicly dissing an island? If she was talking about China this would have made headlines already but you always choose to be butthurted when YOU get affected! This is repulsing!"

"You are one of the most famous models to be alive in 2019 so using your platform (even the unofficial one) to talk s**t about a place that solely relays (sic) on tourists like you is beyond irresponsible and shows your true colors."

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