NFL Star Kendrick Norton Praised for His Positive Outlook After Showing Amputated Arm

The Miami Dolphins defensive tackle, who lost his arm in a car accident last July, shares on YouTube a video of him cleaning his amputated limb while revealing how it has changed his life.

AceShowbiz - NFL star Kendrick Norton is not losing his spirit after losing one of his arms in a rollover car crash last July. On Tuesday, August 6, the 22-year-old athlete shared on YouTube a video of him showing his amputated limb to inspire others who may be dealing with similar situations.

In the video filmed by his girlfriend Kira, Kendrick cleans his unbandaged wound in the bathroom. "Honestly, the biggest thing is stuff takes a little longer because I only have one arm," he reveals how the injured has changed his life, while he does everything on his own in the video. "I have to take the extra step to do something. That's the most aggravating part."

Kendrick also opens up about how he accepted his amputated arm. "I always knew this was for real. I stopped being mad about it," he says, adding that he gives his amputated arm a nickname, "Lil Ken!" Sharing his positive outlook on the unfortunate situation, he adds, "You're still alive, don't be angry. You'll get better. I'm trying to handle it the best I can. Don't be down about it 'cause that's not gonna fix anything."

"Ain't no point in crying every day and being sad and stuff," the Miami Dolphins defensive tackle continues as if he's cheering himself and others. "Still got stuff to be done, still young, still alive." He also assures his fans that he's not suicidal and will be okay. "Y'all don't worry about me too much, I'm gonna be alright," he says. "I'm strong ... I'm okay."

Kendrick additionally says he will get a prosthetic arm. "I had a good case where they preserved a lot of my nerves from my arm, so I'll be able to get a prosthetic I'll be able to control with my mind," he shares.

To those who are going through similar situations like him, he says, "Don't let what people say determine how you feel about yourself. I know it's hard for little kids because kids are cruel and make fun of other kids ... [but] that's [a] word to the wise for everybody."

Kendrick has since received many supporting messages and is praised for his positive outlook in dealing with the painful experience. "You're one of the strongest period . Keep pushing though man, you'll be an inspiration to many others," one commented on the video.

Another gushed, "Such a strong man! God bless you all." Someone else is in awe of Kendrick and Kira's unchanging love for each other after the accident, "Motivation... I'm so proud of you both for just being there for one another. I love you guys. Keep taking care if each other."

Another shares her/his reaction after watching the video, "Wow! I came from TMZ posting this video on their site. I'm in tears that real life STRONG individuals like yourselves aren't shown for our kids to look up too. They have the karadashians.... smh. This is strength, this courage, this determination, this is role models, Truly living through God!! Continue to stay strong and keep pushing yourself to greatness. The journey isn't over so don't give up!!!"

"I've never seen someone that strong in my entire life," one says of Kendrick. "You make me realise how I take so many things for granted in life. Now I'm starting to appreciate more. God is with you my brother!"

Kendrick was involved in a car accident in Miami on July 4. He was driving Ford F-250 in the early morning hours of that day on State Road 836, also called the Dolphin Expressway, when the truck struck a concrete barrier wall and flipped over, pinning one of his arms.

"I am ok. I am as comfortable as I can be with the situation. I am doing fine and the best I can," Kendrick told CBS4 after the accident last month. "I am staying strong because all of the support from all of the fans, all of the teams, my family and everyone. That is what is pushing me, my faith and the support from my family, my grandparents, my sports agent. Everyone is going above and beyond with nothing in return. Just to see people who have been supporting me is just great."

Kendrick joined the Miami Dolphins practice for the first time on Monday, August 5 to lend the team moral support. "To have him out here smiling, it lifts your spirits," said defensive tackle Akeem Spence. "It's great. It shows his character."

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