Prince's Rare 1995 Runway Album Gets Its Full Release

'The Versace Experience', which was first handed out to people who attended the Versace show at Paris Fashion Week, is being reissued along with 'Emancipation' and 'Chaos and Disorder'.

AceShowbiz - Prince's rare "The Versace Experience" album is getting a full release, three years after the singer's death.

The project was first released on numbered cassettes and handed out to people who attended the Versace display at Paris Fashion Week in July, 1995. Back then, the record was intended as a preview of Prince's then-new album "Gold", and featured exclusive remixes of "Eye Hate U", "Gold" and "P Control", as well as rare music by his band The New Power Generation.

Now, fans will be able to get their own copy, along with two other albums that are being reissued - "Emancipation" and "Chaos and Disorder", which was the final album of new music Prince released as part of his contract with Warner Bros in 1996.

Before his death, Prince had refused to reissue the album because it marked the end of his contentious relationship with the label.

Meanwhile, triple album "Emancipation" was released in November 1996, just four months after "Chaos and Disorder". Both albums are being released on vinyl for the first time.

All three albums will be available to fans on 20 September.

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