New Season of 'LHH: Hollywood' Will Be the Biggest Season With 26 Cast Members

In addition to getting more stars to appear in season, the producers of the VH1 show add more episode in this new season and making it 25-episode season instead of 16.

AceShowbiz - Details of season 6 of "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" have made their way out online. If the new report by MTO News is to be believed, the VH1 series will return for the new season with 26 cast members.

This will mark the largest cast that the entire "Love & Hip Hop" franchise ever has. The site further states that the producers are aiming to make the forthcoming 6th season of the series "the best" and "the longest season ever."

Among those who will reportedly star in the new season are Masika, Zell Swagg, YoYo, Summer Bunni, Brittany B, Daniel Boobi Gibson, K Michelle, Moneice Slaughter, Ray J, Princess Love and Antonio Velaz. The cast is also said to include Tricia Ana, Marques Houston, Star Devine, Micky Munday, Jason Lee, Apryl Jones, Lil Fiz, J Boog, Paris Phillips, Apple Watts, A1 Bentley, Lyrica Anderson and Mister Ray.

In addition to getting more stars to appear in season, the producers add more episode in this new season. "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" usually runs for 16 episodes plus the reunion shows. However, season 6 is reportedly will be having 25 episodes plus the reunion shows. It is quite understandable since with that big cast, the show may need more episodes so that each cast member will get spotlight.

The new season allegedly will feature drama between A1, who is said to be feuding with ex Lyrica and Misster Ray, who claimed A1 and his bodyguard assaulted him. Without giving further explanation, Ray then shared on Instagram Stories, "I'd call it gay bashing if it was two straight men blind-siding me & physically assaulting me! I said what everyone else was saying so why act surprised and take your anger out on me when your attention needs to be on the person actually spilling your tea!"

Later he hinted that the alleged assault had something to do with what he said about Summer Bunni. "Your issue ain't with me, it's with SUMMER BUNNI sus!"

"Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" premiered on VH1 on September 15, 2014. It follows the lives of several people in the Hollywood area, involved with hip hop music. The show features appearances from notable figures associated with West Coast hip hop. It will return for season 6 on August 5 on VH1.

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