Miranda Lambert Unabashedly Admits to Creeping on Shirtless Husband at Home
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The Grammy Award-winning singer, who enlisted the help of her hubby Brendan McLoughlin to promote her latest single 'It All Comes Out in the Wash', reveals she has 'a tendency to creep on him when he's doing house chores shirtless.'

AceShowbiz - Even Miranda Lambert couldn't get enough of her husband Brendan McLoughlin's hot six packs. The country music singer admits to often creeping on the police officer when he's doing house chores shirtless, after sharing a clip of Brendan going half-naked while doing laundry.

Brendan seemed to be a little flustered when Miranda filmed him in the video, but the "Heart Like Mine" hitmaker claims he's more than willing to do it to help promote her latest single "It All Comes Out in the Wash". She tells Billboard, "He said he's happy for me and whatever it takes to get my song out there."

The 35-year-old songstress reveals that she enjoys the view when her husband shows off his washboard abs and wants to share it with her Instagram followers. "I do have a tendency to creep on him when he's doing house chores shirtless. And so I figured why not share that with my friends?" she confesses. "I creep on him doing all kinds of things: mowing, laundry, dishes. So whenever the next promo comes around, I'm sure I'll have a video."

Due to their busy schedules, Brendan is not always able to accompany Miranda on her downtime. But the country music star knows how to enjoy her time in New York City. "I sometimes take myself on dates," she reveals. "The other day, I took myself on a date. My husband was busy and so I went and had dinner and then went to the Red Lion to hear a rock cover band and got a few drinks. It was awesome."

She goes on sharing, "I love that about that city -- you can kind of just walk down the street and stumble into somewhere that has something amazing happening. I love the energy of that city and just the inspiration you can get if you look for it."

Speaking of her new song, Miranda says, "I think it was just kind of classic me. I think that it's got some sarcasm to it, but it's very honest." She adds that her new music represents "a new phase of my life," explaining, "This one just felt perfect as far as the vibe of it. It's fun and lighthearted and I'm really excited about it."

The Grammy Award-winning artist also says that the song's title is inspired by "something my mom and grandma always would say." Of how the lyrics ring true to her real life, she shares, "Everything finds a resolve, and at the end of the day it doesn't matter. My last record went through a lot of the trials to tribulations I had been going through personally, and I feel like I'm kind of over the hump and this song represents that in a really great way."

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