Dwight Howard's Rumored Ex-BF Blasts Him for Denying Gay Rumors: 'I Have Proof'

In response to the basketball player denying rumors of him being gay, Masin Elije also retweets several Twitter posts that take aim at the Memphis Grizzles center.

AceShowbiz - Masin Elije, who claims to be Dwight Howard's ex-boyfriend, has broken his silence after the athlete denied rumors of him being gay in a new interview. Taking to his Twitter account on Tuesday, July 16, the fiction author and social media star accused Howard of lying and claimed that he had proof to back up his allegation.

Quote-retweeting a video of Howard's interview, Masin said, "None of this will matter in court. He can continue his rants to protect his image but he knows, like I know, like our lawyers know I HAVE PROOF he harassed & threatened me AND threatened my lawyers! I said what I said, I stand by what I said."

He deleted the tweet afterward.

Elije also retweeted several posts that took aim at Howard before posting another tweet that read, "A lot of people are wearing mask to hide who they really are, but always in due time, they tell on themselves." He was likely referring to Howard's remarks during the interview, "There's people who have different problems in life and they have to hide. They have to put on the mask every day, and it's like, I don't wanna hear no mask, I just wanna be."

Masin Elije's Twitter post.

Masin Elije blasted Dwight Howard.

Last November, Elije posted a Twitter thread claiming that he used to date Howard before he cheated on him with other gay men. After their relationship ended, Elije claimed that Howard and his pastor went so far as to harass, shame and even threaten him into signing a non-disclosure agreement that forced him not to make their relationship public.

Later in March, Elije filed a lawsuit against Howard in a Gwinnett County, CA court, claiming that he has audio of conversations that they two had and plans to use them in court. Meanwhile, Howard is suing him for slander and libel.

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